Kia has unveiled the Niro 2022 at the Seoul Mobility Show. A completely new model that does not share absolutely with the current model, reproducing the HabaNiro concept. The new crossover will be offered in hybrid, plug-in hybrid and 100% electric versions.

The KIA Niro 2022 It has already uncovered the heavy camouflage that has enveloped test prototypes for the past year and a half. The Korean firm has taken advantage of the Seoul Mobility Show to present this new crossover that, without a doubt, is committed to an avant-garde design combined with the purest sustainable mobility technologies.

This is the new generation of the KIA Niro that will hit our market in 2022. Compared to the previous generation, the model adopts a more modern design language in line with the latest launches of the Korean brand. A radical transformation that involves brings into production practically the HabaNiro concept presented two years ago. The new Niro has a personality of its own, highlighting the new ‘Opposites United’ design on the front with understated headlights divided into sections and vertically arranged at the ends, while a thin luminous cord LED lights for daylight makes them stand out.

The KIA Niro 2022 will offer a more compact design, with cutting-edge details for every angle

The KIA Niro 2022 will arrive with three sustainable mechanics, hybrid and electric

With a less familiar silhouette than the current model, the new Niro features unique details such as the contrasting color on the rear pillar, in one piece and in which the fin is also integrated, conferring a more sporty and personal style. A detail that, according to KIA, also has an aerodynamic function. At the rear, the new Niro breaks schemes with some new vertical pilots flanking the entire rear window. In addition, the license plate has been repositioned, now moving to the tailgate.

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Inside, the new KIA Niro 2022 is also a true revolution, as it follows in the footsteps of the new batch of models seriously betting on technology. The dashboard now has a large screen for the instrument cluster and extended to the center console, forming a single piece with the touch of the infotainment system. New in the HEV and PHEV versions is the new round knob for automatic transmission installed in the transmission tunnel, a detail inherited from the electric KIA e-Niro.

The manufacturer points out that the new Niro has been made with 100% sustainable materials, made from eucalyptus leaves as part of the seats or the interior headliner with recycled wallpaper. The manufacturer has not communicated any data regarding measurements, versions and engines, since will go on sale in the second half of 2022, as of July, but it has announced a new “Greenzone” driving mode in the plug-in hybrid variant that, it will switch to electric driving mode automatically when entering green areas, as provided by the navigation system data.

Photo KIA Niro 2022 - interior
The interior of the KIA Niro 2022, a serious commitment to advanced digital technology