Riders Republic has something special. We are not going to discover anything new to anyone when we say that Ubisoft knows how to create worlds. Worlds with personality and rich in choice and exploration. The company repeats the game with Riders Republic, but it feels differently.

Because Riders Republic is a different game, that comes to rescue the epic of extreme sports but with the stamp and personality of the French companyto. And he does it in an open way for the whole family. Perhaps, beyond the gameplay that will be something we will talk about in its analysis, Riders Republic invites us to get lost in its mountains and valleys for two main reasons.

Its world, iconography and possibilities, and the enormous personality that the game offers to any lover of extreme sports. It also does this by packing everything into a brilliant multiplayer that draws from here and there from its most successful franchises. Let one of the great companies in the industry bet by a niche as complicated as extreme sports is a Rare avis, but also doing it as a AAA proposal open to all kinds of players is even rarer.

Riders Republic: a special proposal that drinks from the bases of Steep

And here Ubisoft, on paper, has succeeded. Riders Republic is an extreme sports arcade multiplayer (each more extreme) that works as a virtual amusement park for young people and adults. Everything built on a kind of mashup of the great natural parks like Bryce Canyon, Yosemite Valley, Sequoia Park, Zion, Canyonlands, Mammoth Mountain, and Grand Teton. Perhaps this is one of the great attractions of the game: an idyllic and well-built showcase in which to unleash adrenaline with extreme sports and hilarious costumes. Casual, open and fun.

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And with all the elements of the titles that hit the market today: 6v6 competitive multiplayer, massive with races of more than 50 simultaneous players and the possibility of playing alone, with friends or with strangers.

Many players used to this class of titles Riders Republic will greatly remind them of Steep, another of Ubisoft’s titles, but it does so in a more casual tone and more open to a larger group of players. It adds sports, makes the scene a more open and, above all, more attractive proposal.

Perhaps the best way to define it it’s like a great revolution on the basis of Steep, but adding to skiing and snowboarding the bike and the wingsuit with jetpack. Hilarious costumes through an open setting that rewards exploration and collection alongside competition and fun.

A rich world open to all

The Ubisoft title has everything to be a success and offer players who want to try something again hours and hours of fun and competitiveness. As we said at the beginning, Riders Republic has something special that escapes the classic evaluations and the relationship between gameplay and proposal. An all-one as attractive as it is challenging for those who seek a challenge and quiet for those who seek to explore the great national parks uploaded to a snowboard.

Riders Republic hits virtual and physical shelves on October 28, running at 60FPS, 4K and HDR on the new generation and with a variety of sports, each crazier, that will delight lovers of sports games and the most competitive of multiplayer.