the new edition of the cooking show premieres (probably) after Easter

the new edition of the cooking show premieres (probably) after Easter

RTVE has presented today, like every year at this time, the premiere of the new season of MasterChefwith the hook that it will be the show’s 10th anniversary. They have not specified the datebut they assure that it will be “very soon” and we assume that they will take over from ‘Masters of Sewing’ after Easter.

It’s actually nine years, since the first season premiered in April 2013, but it will be this the tenth edition the talent show culinary veteran and whose success seems far from exhausted, at least in terms of impact on networks and media interestand in economic benefits through the large catalog of derived products and services.

In the presentation of the new season, the aim was to remember the trajectory of MasterChef Spain since its first edition, claiming the role it played for changing the landscape of cooking shows in our country, turning gastronomy into a fashion. Although sometimes they jump on the bandwagon of certain supposedly healthy tendencies for which they have been showered with quite a few criticisms.

macarena king, CEO of Shine Iberia, the producer of the program, has looked back recognizing that “We never thought that we would be ten years later continuing to present and change people’s lives and fulfill dreams”. She also wanted to highlight the change that the judges themselves have undergone, now more than chefs, they have become three television stars; “There is almost nothing left of the three rookies who started ten years ago.”

For Rey, the keys to success that give the Spanish edition a special character is knowing how to “combine sense of humor, cooking quality, reality show and that atmosphere of tension of the kitchens”. Although the audiences have gone down, with the exception of the eighth season broadcast in the middle of the pandemic due to its special circumstances, the program remains stable in the Compartir and stands out, above all, for the followers and interactions on social networks.

What awaits us on the tenth anniversary

Every year many novelties are promised and they ensure that each new edition will be more exciting and with a higher level, although in the end the contest maintains the same dynamic with a script in which the seams are quite noticeable. But this is the tenth anniversary, and, said Rey, “it is a very special season for us in which we have tried not to disappoint”.

In addition to being the edition of the reunions, Rey has baptized it as the one of “second chances” and “first times”, with a casting that already promises us the typical moments of embarrassment and even more tears: “a Guipozcoan who looks like the son of Karra Elejalde in ‘Ocho surnames vascos'”; a man from Madrid who has opened several restaurants with little success”; “a Belgian from Murcia who is a mega fan of Eurovision and Harry Potter who sings like angels”).

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highlighted the level of difficulty of the tests, such as cooking with blood, preparing desserts with bacon or cooking for the largest number of diners in history of the program, 240, in the first outdoor challenge for Messengers for Peace. There will also be a Eskimo cooking in Baqueira surrounded by snow and another in honor of the anniversary of Doctors without bordersWith the presence of Joan Manel Serratand with teams led by captains who do not speak Spanish.


Being a special edition there will also be a meeting with the 140 applicants that have passed through the program, with a solidarity challenge yet to be revealed that will take place in San Lúcar de Barrameda (Spanish Capital of Gastronomy). It will also be the first time that the failures of Valencia and there will be no shortage of familiar faces from previous contestants from all editions, plus all the usual chefs collaborating with the contest.

could not miss the visit of Chanel just before Eurovision (“we hope it brings you good luck”) and a final touch (“brutal”), not yet recorded, which will be put on by a very special program with the presence of Ferrán Adrià and the founder of the original program, the British Franc Roddam.

10 years of MasterChef: Recipes from the great chefs to cook at home (F. COLLECTION)

10 years of MasterChef: Recipes from the great chefs to cook at home (F. COLLECTION)

They keep the same final prizes always but with a greater number of rewards in the tests of the program, basically through various master classas well as the service of delivery for viewers who place their order at the start of the show. This year, in addition, a special recipe book with the best dishes of the program, including the signature of the great chefs.

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