Yes OK Call of Duty: Vanguard Received quite positively, Sledgehammer has had to deal with a number of quality-of-play issues in recent years. These drawbacks have reached the degree that the studio had to withdraw its most event while fixing a series of bugs.

The event known as Secrets of the Pacific started a couple of days ago, and here players have the opportunity to learn more about the new map of Warzone. However, the experience has been anything but pleasant. In social networks, users have reported problems of all kinds, even the unexpected closure of the game on consoles. In this way, the developers found themselves in dire need to remove this content completely. This was what was commented on the matter:

“We will disable the Pacific Secrets event on Vanguard while we fix this bug.”

At the moment it is unknown what caused this error, or when Secretos del Pacífico will be available again. However, this does not mean that your progress is lost forever. All the challenges you have completed will be preserved, and once this event returns, you can continue as if nothing had happened.

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Editor’s Note:

If the situation that currently exists in Activision has made many fans stay away from this series, situations like this do not favor the developers. Vanguard It has not been received as well as its predecessors, but hopefully fans will at least get to enjoy the game without future hassles such as the withdrawal of another event.

Via: Sledgehammer

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The new CoD event: Vanguard has been retired

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