The new BMW X3 (G45) has already been hunted in road tests

The new BMW X3 (G45) has already been hunted in road tests

The new 2024 BMW X3 has been hunted down in road tests. The fourth generation of the first SUV of the German brand faces its first tests on public roads, accelerating development. The new spy photos show a very bulky camouflage that hardly reveals details, although its new proportions are clearer.

After giving the surprise just a few weeks ago, when discovering a couple of prototypes of the new BMW X3 2024 In one of the internal parking lots of the Bavarians, the department in charge of the development of this very important model of the brand has already begun tests on public roads. Those from Munich do not want delays and have got down to work with a fleet of units that, very soon, will tour different regions of the world.

these new spy photos They demonstrate it, with a prototype of one of the conventional versions, a closer look that allows us to see in a little more detail the new design of the fourth generation of the BMW X3. And it is that, despite the fact that the format is the same, this new generation of the SUV launched on the market in 2003 undergoes a significant transformation. The proportions are very similar, at least in terms of length, which It will grow very slightly. adding a few extra millimeters to rear legroom.

The future 2024 BMW X3 will offer a completely new side shape

Spy photos BMW X3 (G45) 2024

The bulky camouflage that dresses the bodywork does not prevent seeing that the roofline is lower and more familiar, modifying the design of the rear window, and more especially the characteristic elbow of the fixed glass known as the “Hofmeister” fold, more pronounced compared to that of the current model and with a narrower glass, since the lower edge does not rise as much. The hunted prototype of the new X3 also features an aerodynamic spoiler above the tailgatean indication that the test unit has the “M Sport” sports package.

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The way of headlights, finer, it is perfectly visible, quite the opposite of the rear lights that, in addition to being provisional, keep the part that bites the tailgate hidden. A special detail is that this new X3 will also have door handles integrated into the panelsmaking the design cleaner in the face of aerodynamic resistance.

Known internally as the ‘G45’, the interior will feature the large curved screen that has been extended across the range, offering a more modern and sophisticated cabin. The new X3 will debut in early spring, and will go on sale in fall 2024with a select range of in-line four and six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines, with the corresponding sports versions of “M Performance” – the M50i that we have already seen in tests, and an X3 M, all with xDrive all-wheel drive and 8-speed automatic transmission.