In case you weren’t aware, Niantic, the creators of Pokemon go, they are also working on a new augmented reality game from Pikmin. The project in question was revealed earlier this year, and we’ve had almost no details about it since then, but that already changed today.

This title will be exclusive to cell phones, so don’t expect to play it on your new Nintendo Switch OLED (at least for now), and this means that its authors have already modified the application in the version Test Flight (beta) of ios, thus revealing that its official name will be Pikmin Bloom.

Apparently, Nintendo is considering releasing this game at some point in the remainder of the year, but at least for now, they haven’t said anything about it. Considering that 2021 is only a couple of months away, it sounds like a difficult thing for them to meet this goal, but we’ll see.


Editor’s note: The truth is that Pikmin It has been a franchise that could lend itself quite well to an augmented reality game. We know that Niantic He has the talent to carry out this project, let’s just hope that the final product ends up satisfying the fans.

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The name of the new Pikmin mobile game is leaked

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