The most relaxing games you NEED to play on XBOX |

The most relaxing games you NEED to play on XBOX |

When we think of games, we think of chaos, destruction, epic fights, engaging characters, and dark, unforgiving lands. This is how most modern games paint this picture. But sometimes, we all need a break from the craziness and enjoy the calm and quiet nature of the gaming world.

Games can be extremely satisfying and the market has many hidden gems that provide a perfect way to release stress. We’ve searched the depths of the internet to find the most relaxing games your soul needs to play on Xbox.


Leaving her hectic life behind, Meredith Weiss has decided to take a break and help her father deliver the mail in the sleepy little town of Providence Oaks. Home to mesmerizing natural beauty and quirky characters, this city is a paradise for people who want to get away from the life of chaos and enjoy the peace and tranquility of nature.

This game is a perfect grab bag for gamers looking for a leisurely journey through serene natural landscapes. Meet new characters, go for long walks, or relax with friends on a campfire night along the shores of an iconic lake. You can buy Lake for a cheap price of around 10 dollars and enjoy the most relaxing experience you have ever seen.

My Time at Portia

My Time at Portia is a perfect way to let your stress levels down with its relaxing adventure and tranquil images. The craft life simulator adds new twists to common features like farming, mining and even fishing to give it a unique flavor.

I like to think about My Time at Portia like a perfect blend of Harvest Moon and Breath of the Wild with fun and unique twists that keep you hooked to this beautiful land. The crafting can be daunting at first, and the timers constant bugs, but if you focus on its elaborate multi-step building goals, you’ll end up with a game that could take hundreds of hours to adventure through.

The Gardens Between

The Gardens Between is a short and direct story that presents a beautiful world full of enchanting adventures. It taps into our collective childhood nostalgia and focuses on the memories that made the adventure worthwhile. While the game has a bit of content, the developers have paid a lot of attention to detail.

It’s not perfect, but it’s the kind of game that’s aware enough of its limitations that it doesn’t have to be. The game’s puzzles are designed to be more rewarding than challenging. You expect a nice little distraction rather than an all-time masterpiece, and that should be enough to keep you entertained.

Totally Accurate Battle Simulator

This game is a delight for people who love to imagine battles between, I don’t know, an angel with a spear and Zeus, the god of thunder. Cause that’s exactly what you get with Totally Accurate Battle SimulatorIt’s one of the weirdest games I’ve ever played.

The best part is that you can take on any imaginary character you want and watch them light up the battlefield. It is a satisfying experience that you can enjoy with your friends. They can both build their armies and let them go at each other with everything they’ve got.

stardew valley

I cannot fail to mention the game that has helped us in the difficult times of the pandemic. stardew valley is one of the most satisfying games ever developed. It allows you to be whoever you want to be and whatever you want to do in a beautiful virtual land. Although the game is mainly focused on farming, there are many things you can do.

Play alone or get together with your friends, join a profession, go to work and take care of your farm. Live the life you’ve always wanted to live in the real world without anyone judging you. Like I said, there’s something satisfying about this game that’s just too hard to find anywhere else.

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Saber is one of the most innovative games on this list and you can tell just by the looks of the game, but there is more to it than meets the eye. The game takes you on an immersive adventure through huge deserts while exploring different civilizations and cultures. Meet people and learn about their experiences in different parts of the world.

Traveling through this vast and fascinating world on your hoverbike, you unlock different abilities and discover secrets about this world. I love the art style, it makes everything so much calmer and more peaceful. It’s a journey worth taking and the best part is that you can buy Saber for around $11 USD.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

We have all wanted to be pilots at some point in our lives just to enjoy the thrill of flying through the air and enjoy the tranquility of the sky. Microsoft Flight Simulator it’s the closest thing to a real-life pilot experience. You get to fly a variety of different planes through the air, enjoy the beautiful scenes from above the sky, and feel what it feels like to be in control of a huge ship.

It is by far one of the best simulation games I have played in a long time. Microsoft Flight Simulator is an excellent choice for games that you can play on Xbox with your friends while you drink coke while you take to the skies over beautiful cities.


I don’t know why, but there is something rewarding about unpacking your things after moving to a different place, to a new home. You can set everything up from scratch and decorate your place the way you want. And while we’d love to do that in real life more often, it’s just not possible. unpacking allows you to have the same rewarding and joyful experience of setting up your place from scratch in a super easy way.

You can decorate your house one room at a time and the thing about this game is that there is no right or wrong way to do anything. You are totally free to place objects wherever you want. It’s a perfect little game for those who love puzzle games with no chaos and no time limits.


Many of us want to feel the calm of the vast ocean, but some of us just can’t for whatever reason. ABZU allows you to experience the same peaceful adventure by plunging into the depths of the ocean on this short but memorable journey. ABZU is a visually spectacular and exciting experience. I can’t suggest this game highly enough, it’s worth checking out.

The underwater controls are exquisite and the soundtrack makes you feel like part of the game. If exploring an underwater paradise and finding a great narrative sounds appealing, then this title is definitely the one for you.


rhyme seems to have been influenced by the classic title of icon by adding a lot of new content to the mix that makes it stand out from the crowd. The game has an easy learning curve that makes it super fun to start with, but the aesthetics, the musical score, and the big reveal of what the island really is make it rhyme an unforgettable experience.

It begins with a little boy who is washed up on a remote island with nothing but a huge tower in the background as a beacon of hope, the only clue as to where to proceed is a magical fox who seems willing to guide you through this unknown world full of of mysteries.

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