the mobile version of Siege has it all

the mobile version of Siege has it all

Rainbow Six Siege has been one of the most successful titles in recent years. Although Ubisoft’s competitive title had a bit of a rough start, the company turned it around with a series of changes that have caught countless players. Rainbow Six is ​​undoubtedly one of the best examples of gaming as a service, with constant updates and new content every few months.

Now Ubisoft wants to bring its competitive 5v5 to all corners of the world beyond PC and consoles, and has announced Rainbow Six Mobile, a complete version of the game but adapted to mobile terminals with the same foundations that have made his older brother one of the most played competitive players in the world.

Undoubtedly a risky bet from one of the most played competitive games on PC, given the difficulties involved in making a transition of this caliber to mobile touch controls, but which undoubtedly opens a new opportunity to take the great titles of the consoles and from the computer to all smartphones.

Rainbow Six Siege comes to smartphones under Rainbow Six Mobile

Rainbow Six Mobile has been designed based on Siege, although Ubisoft has confirmed that it is built from scratch to adapt the dynamics of the game to the particularities of tactical and mobile controls. Logically, the company has had to make certain concessions, but the general bases are still intact. It is precisely those concessions that have to do with the change of platform, but on paper they are quite well resolved.

The concessions we are referring to have to do with the dynamics seen on mobile. A reduction of the graphic quality and a lighter game development to make the game more comfortable. In this sense, Rainbow Six Mobile has partshorter rounds and rounds. It also allows great HUD customization for the player to adapt the mobile control to their style of play, so that there is hardly any frictions when controlling an FPSwhich requires precision, on a touch screen.

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In this sense, the company has modified some of the aspects of the game, such as the elimination of friendly fire, and a new focus mode that focuses the player’s sights when aiming to make precision shooting easier, since in Rainbow Six It can even shoot from small holes in the wall.

The core of the game, its maps and operators, remains intact. Although not all the operators are in the Mobile version of the game, we will see the most popular ones, and without a doubt the constant updates of the game will continue adding new ones each season. And the same with their skills and weapons.

The game will allow, like its full version for consoles and PC, use the unique weapons and abilities of the operators to go through destructible walls and ceilings or rappel from the ceiling and through windows. The same with the system of placing traps, fortifying the locations and opening breaches with different equipment, including the most iconic ones.

The same with the maps, the studio has adapted the pampering to mobile, so players will be able to look forward to the most popular ones like bank and Border. The same with the game modes, which at launch will be available to secure the area and bomb.

Rainbow Six Mobile it will arrive this 2022on a date yet to be specified, to the two most popular mobile platforms, iOS and Androidand is developed by a group of Ubisoft studios headed by Ubisoft Montreal.