The Money Heist came to Netflix with its Season 5 and already surprised all the fans. However, the first part had several errors.

A few weeks ago, Netflix released the new episodes of La casa de papel. In this way, fans could enjoy the first part of the fifth season, which will be the last in history. As expected, Álex Pina thought great moments for the characters and some tragedies also took place. But what he did not notice is that the delivery had several errors.

A few days ago, Netflix announced when the second part of the fifth season will arrive. Although it was already known information, the streaming platform reminded fans that the end is very near with a heartbreaking trailer. There, the followers could see that The Professor and the band must fight hard, without forgetting the fallen. The final part will arrive on December 3 on the streaming service.

The mistakes of Season 5

Watch out, there are spoilers! The first part of Season 5 of The Paper House ended with a great tragedy, the death of Tokyo. The character of Ursula Corberó she sacrifices herself for the team, and ends up facing alone with the army commando and with Gandía, who really wants to take revenge.

In this way, the spectators see how the army warns that some members of the band are in the pantry, so a sniper decides to act and begins to shoot. It is at this precise moment when Tokio is injured, and asks her companions to escape. However, Denver doesn’t want to leave her alone.

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In the scene that follows is where you see a continuity error. That said, in the final episode of La casa de papel we see Denver approach Tokyo and ask him to please not sacrifice himself. When the character does that, it can be seen that he has a headset with which he communicates with the Professor. However, in the next scene he no longer has it. The appearance and disappearance of the headset occurs several times, which upset several fans of the series.