The popularity of the Minions is limitless. Following their original appearance in the Despicable Me movies, the creatures gained considerably more popularity than Gru himself, receiving their own animated feature film and cartoon series. In addition, they will appear in another film soon, which will serve as a prequel to Gru.

Today we can announce, being surprising that it has not happened before, that Minions are coming to Minecraft. The fusion between these two universes makes so much sense to each other that the surprising thing is that it has not happened before, especially with the release of one of his films. The content has been available since last Saturday and can be obtained in the Minecraft store.

Former Blizzard and Epic veterans develop an MMO reminiscent of Minecraft and Stardew Valley

This DLC not only adds the Minions to Minecraft, but also it also allows players to help Gru take on some of the villains from the movies, such as El Macho, Vicious 6, and Vector.

The Minions are finally coming to Minecraft

This DLC appears to be a preparation for the Gru prequel, Despicable Me, which will hit theaters in the summer of next year. On the part of Minecraft, the title is currently in preparation for the arrival of the second part of Minecraft: Caves & Cliffs, after the first part of this mega update was recently released, which promises to add and refine a large number of the game’s systems.

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