Once the series has passed the equator, Disney + have launched their already traditional midseason trailer to anticipate what we have left of ‘What would happen if …?’, his enjoyable animated fiction that runs through multiple alternative stories (with uneven results) of Marvel.

And this little preview is curious because it seems to hint that the stories we’ve seen so far, or at least their characters, they will intersect in this second part of the season. Whether it is like this or just a trompe l’oeil is something we will have to wait to see.

For now, tomorrow we will have an episode starring Killmonger, the popular villain from ‘Black Panther’; In addition, we have yet to see at least one episode with Thor, another with Ultron milling around.

We don’t know what else is in store for us Matthew Chauncey, AC Bradley, Bryan Andrews and company but at least they have given us long teeth promising to teach “all heroes”. Of course, it would be necessary to see if, if confirmed, what this meeting of heroes of the multiverse would be like. Surely something worth seeing.

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