Home Recipes the master purchase is from Alcampo (and one of the cheapest)

the master purchase is from Alcampo (and one of the cheapest)

the master purchase is from Alcampo (and one of the cheapest)

After presenting the comparison of the main industrial gazpachos, the Organization of Consumers and Users has just published the report updated to the year 2022 with the best and worst salmorejos that we can find in the main supermarkets in Spain. Because we don’t always have the time or the ingredients to make homemade salmorejo, it never hurts to have reliable data to choose from the entire offer.

Because although the range of salmorejos still cannot be compared to that of gazpachos, the other great Andalusian dish of the summer is gaining positions among the preferred options when the heat is more intense. Much thicker, turned into a dense but honeyed cream almost with the texture of dipthe authentic Cordovan salmorejo only has tomato, bread, garlic, extra virgin olive oil and salt. Plus the accessories and garnishes that one wants to add, of course.

Industrial versions are usually fresh chilled, unpasteurized, which we should always buy respecting the cold chain. Companies can resort to different proportions of ingredients, making it more or less mild with the amount of garlic, use different types of bread and tomato or lower costs with lower quality olive oil.

To check the quality of supermarket salmorejos and the price differences between each brand, the OCU has subjected a selection of products to its usual comparative analyses, taking into account both the labeling and the Lab tests like the tasting

The best and worst industrial salmorejos

On this occasion, the organization has analyzed 29 references of different brands available in most supermarkets and hypermarkets throughout the country, both leading brands and own private label of various chains.

Based on the results obtained from the sensory analysis, the nutritional composition and the information presented on the label, and taking into account the price, the OCU has prepared a ranking with scoreswho point to some salmorejos as the best purchase options, compared to the worst.




Auchan (Alcampo) – Salmorejo

81 Very good quality


Nature Cane – Fresh Salmorejo

80 Very good quality


Majao – Vegan Mild Fresh Salmorejo

80 Very good quality


Alipende (Ahorramas) – Fresh Salmorejo

79 Very good quality


Alipende (Savings) – Salmorejo

78 Very good quality


To the Point (Day) – Salmorejo

78 Very good quality


Santa Teresa – Salmorejo Raf

78 Very good quality


Carrefour Extra – Salmorejo with fresh vegetables

78 Very good quality


Aldi’s kitchen – Salmorejo

77 Very good quality


Landlord (Mercadona) – Fresh Salmorejo

76 Very good quality


Don Simón’s garden – Salmorejo Premium

76 Very good quality


Alvalle – Salmorejo

75 Very good quality


Consum – Salmorejo

73 good quality


Majao – Fresh raw vegan salmorejo without bread

72 good quality


Carrefour Bio – Salmorejo with fresh vegetables

72 good quality


Eroski – Salmorejo

72 good quality


Alvalle – Salmorejo seasonal selection

71 good quality


Santa Teresa – Salmorejo premium dressing

70 good quality


Casa Mas – Fresh Salmorejo

69 good quality


Chef Select (Lidl) – Salmorejo

69 good quality


La Pili – Salmorejo

68 good quality


Chef Select (Lidl) – Fresh Salmorejo

68 good quality


El Corte Inglés Selection – Salmorejo selection

66 good quality


Sol y Azahar – Salmorejo with extra virgin olive oil

65 good quality


Aldi’s Kitchen – Fresh Salmorejo

63 Medium quality


Santa Teresa – Salmorejo

62 Medium quality


Flavors of La Esteban – Fresh Salmorejo

61 Medium quality


García Millán – Fresh Salmorejo

58 Medium quality


Salteras Sauces – Salmorejo

54 Medium quality


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We verified that none of the analyzed commercial salmorejo fails -it would have to do really badly-, but there are notable differences between the first and last positions of the table in terms of scores, without this being reflected in the prices. The most expensive, Santa Teresa Raf, is not even close to the top 3and it is also one of those that contain the smallest volume per product, with 750 ml, while most opt ​​for the liter format.

The best of the analysis and qualified as a “master buy”, Salmorejo from Alcampo, is manufactured by J. García Carrión, a company that has extensive experience in the production of private labels for different chains. It is made with 79% fresh vegetables (tomato and pepper), water, 6% extra virgin olive oil, 4% breadcrumbs, salt, garlic and reserve sherry vinegar.

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