The map of the beaches of Spain that accept dogs in summer to take a dip together

The map of the beaches of Spain that accept dogs in summer to take a dip together

We love to go on vacation to the beach, enjoy the sun, jump in the waves and cool off with a dip, but we like it even more if the plan includes all the members of our family, dogs included.

Not all beaches can take your dog (be careful with the fines for taking your dog to the beach without it being pet friendly) and even if you can, you must follow a series of basic rules to take your dog to the beach and that you all enjoy equally.

But how animal lover We know how complicated it can be to find a beach where we can take our furry ones. That’s why having a map on hand to consult the beaches where we can take our dog seems to us the most.

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The map of the beaches to go with a dog in Spain

The map is prepared from RedCanine and update it year after year. In it we see each and every one of the beaches to which we can take our dogs. And although we already told you the best beaches to go with dogsit is possible that none will catch you near your vacation spot this summer, and with This interactive map will show you all the beaches in Spain that allow dogs and to which you can go with your furry one.

As you can see on the map, there are not only the beaches of the peninsula marked but also those of our beloved Canary Islands (we already told you what we like the islands volcano routes). The two communities that have the most pet-friendly beaches are Andalusia and the Valencian Community, which has the province with the most beaches, Alicante with 11. But don’t worry, we can find dog-friendly beaches in Girona, MurciaCantabria or Asturias or A Coruña to give you an example.

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The Clowns Of Dogs In Spain

Some of our favorites are La Rubina beach in Empuriabravaone of the best dog beaches in Catalonia, and the dog beach of Torre del Mar in Malagaa beach of fine sand and crystal clear waters that is far from the “norm” that usually accompanies beaches that allow animals and that are normally more remote and hidden beaches.

With this map we will know where to go to enjoy our favorite beach plan with all the members of our family, also the furriest ones.

Photos | justin aikin Y Lenin Estrada in unsplash