the light menu of the month

the light menu of the month

Organizing weekly meals and planning a menu can be very useful if we seek to improve the quality of our food. That is why, like every month, we leave our light menu with various recipes and tips included that can help you Eat healthier.

The light menu of the month

In order to serve as guide to plan your own menu In each home, the light menu of the month aims to bring us options for main meals as well as breakfast or snacks, and various tips that will help us eat better every day.

Of course, it is key adapt it to the particularities of each consumer to put it into practice, in order to get the most out of it, being able to make all the necessary modifications for this purpose.

Suggestions for breakfast and snacks

Although none of these meals is essential, for those of us who are used to making the breakfast wave afternoon snackwe leave the following healthy proposals that we can create at home:


Can choose an alternative and repeat it every day or, vary the recipes if we are one of those who easily fall into monotony.

We advise adjust portions, ingredients and others according to the preferences and particular tastes as well as, attending to the needs and conditions of each person or household.

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Proposals for main meals

Though We recommend being flexible with the implementation of this menu, weekly meal planning is key to not leaving the decision of what to eat each day to chance.

For this, we leave the following proposals for main meals of the week:

Grilled hake

Here we can also vary the recipes, portions and others, as well as change the proposal from one day to another being flexible when cooking.

We recommend make a weekly food purchase taking into account the menu planned, in such a way to be able to solve the intakes in a healthy way every day and that nothing is missing when cooking.

Tips to complete the light menu of the month

In order to achieve an effectively healthy and light diet, we recommend accompanying the light menu with a adequate hydration every day.

For this, we not only recommend choose water as a main drink but also, avoid sugary soft drinks, alcoholic beverages and excessive coffee intake that can harm fluid retention in our body.

Beyond water, the nutrients that should not be missing in your dishes to take care of hydration this summer

Also, it will be helpful to select dishes with high water content such as soups and cold creams or preparations based on various fresh fruits and vegetables.

Proper hydration is essential to protect the body as well as, to successfully cope with high temperatures typical of summer.

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