the light menu of the month

the light menu of the month

Many are the people who after the summer and the holidays have gained kilos and want to get rid of them during the new year. To achieve this, the organization is key and therefore we leave our light menu of the month, with a variety of recipes and tips included, which can be very helpful in this regard.

The light menu of the month to lose weight after the summer

The change of habits as well as the recovery of a routine and an order in daily activities, and especially in our diet, is very useful when trying lose weight.

In this sense, planning the menu and preparing dishes at home is essential. Therefore, as every month we leave our proposal that can serve as guide to preparing a healthy and light menu at home.

Suggestions for breakfasts or snacks

Although neither the breakfast not even afternoon snack They are essential foods when losing weight or eating healthier, there are many people who are used to making them and for this reason, we leave the following suggestions that we can taste at home:


We can choose an alternative and repeat it every day of the week for breakfast and snack or, vary the proposals if we are one of those who easily fall into monotony by ingesting it itself.

Since this menu is intended to serve as a guide for the preparation of our own healthy menu, we advise modify recipes or servings according to the particularities of each consumer or household that puts it into practice.

How to design a healthy breakfast that helps you lose weight (and 101 recipes to inspire you)

Proposals for the main meals of each day of the week

Spending a minimum of time in the kitchen we can create a menu that helps us solve the Main meals in a healthier way and for this, we leave the following proposals for each day of the week:

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Microwave roasted sardines
Green bean salad

As we have said, it is possible to modify recipes, portions and others of this menu to customize it to the maximum and in this way, get the most out of it.

Too we can change the proposal of one day for another without any inconvenience or, repeat dishes throughout the week if we prefer to cook in abundance and freeze to easily resolve intakes during the week.

Tips for completing the light menu of the month

In addition to the organization and recovery of the routine, if we want to lose weight through the achievement of a light menu, we advise reduce (even moderately) carbohydrates at our daily table.

A diet low in carbohydrates without being very reduced in this nutrient and inducing ketosis, can greatly promote weight loss without neglecting health.

For this, we advise reduce the frequency with which we eat foods such as pasta, rice, and legumes as well as reducing the size of the servings and the quantities used in each dish.

The fruits and vegetables They will become the main source of carbohydrates in the diet and legumes may have a greater presence than whole grains or cereals, because they offer less carbohydrates and more proteins for the body.

Thus, in this menu we have moderately reduced carbohydrates by choosing easily filling dishes based on protein and fiber, which derives mostly from vegetables, greens and fruits.

With this light menu and the practice of other life habits, we can get rid of the extra kilos without neglecting our health and achieve a better quality diet that lasts over time.

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