the light menu of the month

the light menu of the month

Planning weekly meals can be of great help if we look Eat healthier. Therefore, we leave, as every month, our light menu with a variety of recipes and tips included.

The light menu of the month

Our menu is intended to serve as a guide for organize weekly meals at home, taking into account the particularities of each consumer or household that puts it into practice.

Prioritizing the intake of fresh food and seasonal as well as the preparations that we can elaborate with our own hands, we recommend the following light menu:

Suggested breakfast or snack preparations

While the breakfast and the afternoon snack They are not essential meals, there are many of us who are used to their preparation and in these cases, it is important to take care of the quality of the chosen preparations.

Therefore, we leave the following suggestions:


Here it is possible choose an option and repeat it every day of the week, or vary the same if we are the ones who easily fall into monotony.

As we have said, it is advisable customize menu and for this we recommend adjusting servings and recipes according to each consumer.

Proposals for the main meals of the week

For each day of the week, it is essential to think that we can cook and based on this, we will make a purchase that provides us with everything we need. Thus, we leave the following proposals for main meals:

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Green Jewish Potatoes
Chickpea stew milkcoco

For main meals, we also recommend making any changes that are necessary to adjust to the needs, tastes, preferences and previous customs of each consumer, our light menu of the month.

Thus, we can modify rations or recipes, or we can replace the proposed preparation for one day with another without any inconvenience.

Tips for completing the light menu of the month

Accompanying the light menu before provided by other healthy lifestyle habits is always advisable to achieve our goal of improve the quality of the diet Or, lose weight.

On this occasion, we recommend become more aware of the food we eat And for this, it is advisable to eat sitting at the table, use cutlery, chew each bite well and avoid distractions when eating. That is, avoid eating food while driving, working, watching television or doing other activities that demand more attention than the food itself.

Cooking more is key to eating healthy: the best tips to achieve it if you can't spend a lot of time in the kitchen

If we want to lose weight, a good tool to make our diet more conscious is keep a food diary or log where we can take note of everything consumed and drunk throughout the day, with their respective amounts.

Savoring each bite well and enjoying what we put in our mouth is a very useful resource to improve our relationship with food and at the same time, achieve a more rational feeding that contributes to improving the quality of what we eat.

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