The Latest Spotify Novelty Will Make Life Easier For People Who Listen To Podcasts | Technology

The Latest Spotify Novelty Will Make Life Easier For People Who Listen To Podcasts |  Technology

Spotify has functionality up its sleeve to make it easy for podcast listeners to access the sponsors of their favorite shows.

Podcasts have more and more listeners and it is thanks to the fact that they serve as radio programs, but that we can always carry in our pocket. Music streaming platforms have joined the podcast wave and have done so by integrating them within their platforms, but there is still a long way to go.

Oddly enough, many people around the world get earn a living from podcastsThey do it thanks to the advertisers who sponsor their content. When it comes to talking about any of these advertisers, their name is often lost like tears in the rain.

Spotify wants this situation to change and what it has done is to provide podcasters with a series of resources so that users are aware of the sponsor. Among these options is the possibility of creating a card where the name of the company appears and that when clicked it takes you to the web page.

Although this way of helping content creators is good, many users listen to podcasts while driving or going down the street with their mobile in their pocket. So it may not be of much use to both the advertisers and the people behind the microphones..

Of course, the interesting thing is that, now, users who are curious about a product or service will not have to memorize the name and then search for it on Google. The card that will be created will allow direct access to the web pages in a comfortable way and without having to eat a lot of the head.

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We will have to see how podcasts and the platforms that host them evolve. It will also require the development of features that enhance the overall experience for listeners, although it is likely that Spotify already have something on their hands.