The Last of Us series director announces release

The Last of Us series director announces release

Little has been revealed about the upcoming television series The Last of Us in HBOwhich has been filming for most of the past year, but fans have yet to know when the show will actually debut, now, though HBO has already made it clear that the series will not arrive within this year, a more definite window for release has not yet been defined, but, thankfully, thanks to a new statement from one of the directors who worked on The Last of Uswe have a better idea of ​​when we will finally be able to see the show.

You see, all this based on a new interview, where the director Kantemir Balagovwho directed the pilot episode of The Last of Usindicated when the series will premiere in HBOwhere in addition to recalling that the program is still in the process of production, Balagov said that, according to his own understanding, it will be released “early next year”and beyond this, he also recognized how important it was for him to work in The Last of Ussince the video game series on which the show is based “has a special place in your heart”.

So, in a general sense, many fans already assumed that early 2023 would be the window in which The Last of Us would end up reaching HBObut the statement Balagov here does no more than confirm those estimates, and although it is difficult to know what could constitute “early”it seems likely that a premiere sometime between January and March of next year is more likely.

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So in the short term, what a lot of fans are more focused on just watching a trailer for The Last of Ussince none have been shared, only some images and many leaks from the set of the program, well HBO has yet to show a teaser video of any kind for the series, however the odds are that as 2022 progresses, it seems all but guaranteed that this first trailer will drop sometime in the next few months.