The Last of Us remake is said to arrive in 2022

The Last of Us remake is said to arrive in 2022

Since last year a fairly important rumor arose around the development studio naughty dogsince it has been mentioned countless times that a remake of the first The Last of Us I would be on my way. This has not gone from being a simple myth in the industry; however, it is possible that everything will totally change in the next few months to come.

According to a journalist known as Jeff Grubb confirmed that this remake is a reality, which will come as one of the strong cards of SonyInteractive for the Christmas holidays. The information was made known through the podcast of Kinda Funny Gamesthrough a talk in which they discussed the video games that will arrive this 2022.

This insider has revealed quite a few games in the past, of which he has been successful on a large number of occasions, so the source he has Grubb should come directly from the offices of PlayStation. Furthermore, this coincides with the latest statements that naughty dog has done to the press in relation to his current projects.

For those not aware, the video game development company is currently working on three projects, the first is the multiplayer that was initially promised for TLOU: Part IIthe second would be the reinterpretation of the first TLOU with some changes in history. Finally, there is the creation of a new IP or the continuation of Uncharted with another protagonist.

For now they are all rumors, but we may know more in important events like the Summer Game Fest or in one’s own State of Play.

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Publisher’s note: I really don’t know if it would be necessary to bring a remake for a video game that is already good on its own. In addition, it has not even been in the market for 10 years, so it is wasted effort, unless there is a really innovative and substantial change.

Via: Jeff Grubb