The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition, a hit of nostalgia for SNK fans

The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition, a hit of nostalgia for SNK fans

All fans of The King of Fighters video games have enjoyed each of the installments that SNK has presented to us for decades, fortunately those classics do not have to remain in our memories, but we can enter into amazing 1vs1 confrontations with The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition.

Something that we find quite striking is the fact that this installment recently received a major update in the Steam virtual store. In this update, all fans who were already enjoying the Final Edition, will be able to enjoy great surprises for this fighting title that translate into a real nostalgia for Arcades players from the 90s.

As if that were not enough, in this video game we can see how its developer, SNK CORPORATION, opted for a very challenging experience in which we will enter into frenzied combats that will make us take it seriously, especially if you are a fan of red bone from the fighting video game saga of The King of Fighters.

Being a worthy exponent of the beloved video game saga, we have emphasized the characteristic style that we witness in the classic installments of all Arcades players. Your ability will be put into play in this installment, a small mistake and you will be knocked out.

We must mention that, in the time that we have enjoyed this installment, we have been able to take advantage of the Online mode, with a unique online experience, this thanks to how fluid it feels after the reversion of the network code was implemented.

While “KOF ’98” is remembered by fans as the best installment in The King of Fighters series, “KOF ’98” now returns to the Steam PC platform in a final version, with THE KING OF FIGHTERS ’98 ULTIMATE MATCH FINAL EDITION, of which after several hours of play we can say that it has come to us as a good blow of nostalgia.

The developers themselves announced to us that we would experience as fluid an online fight as possible. In addition to implementing rollback network code to make online fights much smoother, KOF’98 UMFE will now feature spectator modes and lobbies that can host up to nine players.

All players who are fans of The King of Fighters will have a good taste in their mouths when enjoying this installment, although we will have to dust off our skills a bit, since at the beginning it was quite difficult for us to adapt to the fighting in the jump of the arcades to the controls. For those who have not yet acquired the title, or did not even know it existed, it is a great opportunity to reconnect with The King of Fighters saga.

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“The ’98 game maintains the same arcade pattern from the SNK era, when it was released and outperformed any other fighting game.” The King of Fighters ’98 is still considered one of the best fighting video games ever made, so it came as no surprise when SNK revealed to fans that it would be bringing this final edition.

A great exponent of the fighting genre, 1 against 1, in 2D. In this version, SNK showed us the title of yesteryear, but more balanced, with the arrival of new characters, settings, movement sets, among other novelties that fans of the franchise treasure when enjoying the video game.

Regarding the experience you present, we noticed that there were some occasions when it took a while to find a game, so it may depend on the time of day you enter the fighting. On the local side, we can mention that we have the classic arcade formula that has no loses, in which we can play both against the machine and a second player by choosing 3 characters that are exchanged each time they relieve the defeated.

To our personal liking, we largely delve into Single Play mode, in which we can play a similar experience, but with only one character per turn, with whom we become obsessed with improving our skills and play style with Ralf. Jones.

To warm up, we recommend that you enter Practice mode, which allows us to remember in a more friendly way our combos and skills with our favorite playable characters, and thus be able to get more out of the fighters when starting fights in line, where they did not show us any mercy, no matter how much we practiced.

In short, The King of Fighters ’98 Ultimate Match Final Edition is a fighting video game that is worth having in our Steam library, especially for all the content that presents us with one of the most remembered classics of the Arcade era. .

The good:

  • A classic that returns to our hands
  • A good gameplay proposal that is quite challenging for lovers of the 2D fighting genre.
  • A large number of mechanics available in the gameplay.
  • Amazing graphics and great fluidity.
  • Minimum and recommended toaster requirements.
  • A fairly low price

The bad:

A more hardcore fan-oriented title.
Difficulty finding games online at certain times