Home News The keys to ‘Brothers’, episode 78 of ‘Attack on Titan’

The keys to ‘Brothers’, episode 78 of ‘Attack on Titan’

The keys to ‘Brothers’, episode 78 of ‘Attack on Titan’

After a first part of the final season of Attack the titans Packed with facts and background information, the continuation of the story has not stopped at this. Except in the case of episode 77, a little slower, both 76 and 78 were direct, raw chapters, which did not save anything in terms of action and narrative rhythm. They also had no qualms about being less explicit: shingeki no kyojin It is a bloody series and every so often he remembers it.

“Brothers,” the latest episode of the manga adaptation, sums up the strong aspects of the story. Mystery. Tension. Action. betrayals Friendship. Love. Fear. Along with a satisfactory drawing and animation (beyond the fact that at this point there will always be some aspect to improve, in relation to Mappa’s work). To the above is added a no less detail, especially for those who do not follow the story through the manga: uncertainty.

One of the most anticipated threats during these chapters occurred, with Zeke using his scream to transform various Eldians into Titans. The chapter also served to explore different personal plots, while all the action was taking place. Within them, the main characters during the first stage of this final season have a key role, Falco and Gabi.

Falco and Colt: a brotherhood torn

The opening chapter of the first part of this final season began with Falco looking up at the sky, trying to warn some birds about the danger they were in. Around him, corpses, explosions, projectiles going from one place to another, until his brother Colt appears to save him. It was unknown at the time, but Colt was the one chosen to inherit the Beast Titan, while Falco was competing to be the Armored Titan.

A handful of chapters later, Colt finds himself in a similar situation: trying to save his brother from being turned into a titan, one that was not assigned to him and, not being one of the main, is a kind of death. Warning Zeke that Falco drank from the spinal fluid and would be affected by the scream, Colt attempts to exert some sort of influence on the one he respected at another time. That is why he reminds him that he will be the one to inherit the Beast Titan. But Zeke’s goals are above more humanitarian acts, perhaps because he thinks that the most humane thing to do in this context is to stop the armed conflict that is shaking them.

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the story it tells Attack the titans it is right at that point, one in which the greater cause prevails over particular aspects, regardless of whether it affects children or adults.

Gabi and Eren: the symbology of shingeki no kyojin

From different places, and with some nuances involved, different parallels can be made between Eren and Gabi. The most obvious is that both are driven by hate, with childhoods cut short by fear of others and ideas manipulated by the elites of each region. They are a mirror. Although little by little they have been understanding the framework of which they are a part, both seek their own revenge.

That is why the moment in which Gabi tears off Eren’s head with a shot is powerful, leaving the series in the air. That sequence of images and the dimension of the moment seen from different perspectives may be one of the best moments of all Attack the titans. In addition to the implicit reading that it is Gabi, representing future generations that are already full of hatred and contempt for the other, who decapitates their main threat.

One of the interpretations of this moment invites us to think that Eren, Mikasa and Armin, the protagonists, also saw their childhood affected. Adaptation reminds us that this is how cruel the world of shingeki no kyojinwith orphaned children, forced to live inside walls or given over to weapons from an early age.

the future of Attack the titans

Later, the story goes into clarifying various past and future issues. From the agreement between Zeke and Eren, who from that moment was seen to be elusive to the idea of ​​his sister (he does not take the baseball), to the deeper story in relation to the titans and their founder Ymir.

That section confirms Armin’s suspicion, a few chapters ago: Eren did not agree with the plan to prevent the inhabitants of Paradis Island from reproducing further. Ending the community to which he belongs, for which he has fought and with which he feels rooted, is not the plan of this hero. It remains to be seen how this conflict of more than 2,000 years of death and oppression, entitled Attack the titans.