You see this shotgun and you think: “Oh, look, a sarsaparilla did take me.” But then you remember that you’re playing Warzone and that in Season 6 they may have “put in new weapons, but not sarsaparillas :(“. Sure enough, the 410 gauge ironhide It is a lever action shotgun that fires slow but hard.

Sometimes it seems more of a hybrid between a rifle and a shotgun, and although its couplings will not provide you with much flexibility to adapt it to your tastes, it’s already good from the factory: allows you to take down your enemies or enemies with one or two shots on the chest even at medium distance! This will make any Pocho submachine gun user mad, but that’s what it is, what do you want us to tell them. Have chosen better.

Best 410 Caliber Ironhide Classes for Season 6

Class for medium distance

  • Watch Diamond SLR
  • Bocacha Infantry V-Choke
  • 22 ” ranger barrel
  • STANAG tube of 8 rounds
  • Marathon cylinder head

Obviously, as a shotgun, the Ironhide It is not going to save you from any long distance trouble, but as soon as you get close, you can try your luck and you will see how things surprise you. That’s what the V-Choke, which narrows the dispersion of the pellets, and the ranger barrel, which increases the range of damage.

The butt marathon increases mobility, and you will appreciate that when they get too close to you. look reflex is that it increases precision and, finally, it is important to have cartridges to spare with that STANAG tube of 8, Sure.

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Short distance class

  • Strangler Agency
  • 22 ” heavy reinforced barrel
  • Ember Sighting Laser
  • Airborne toggle holster
  • Marathon cylinder head

As we said above, the base version of the shotgun is already mule enough to clear rooms: the glove that gives at medium distance is just as forceful at close range. But unfortunately its cadence will not be agile enough to deal with various enemies thus.

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It has chokes that should work well to widen dispersion, but in the end it’s too much for all the buckshot reach the torso we are looking for. However, we have chosen to make this second proposal to adapt the weapon to these distances more intimate.