Until a few weeks ago, all smartphones capable of connecting to 5G mobile phone networks were Android terminals. The iPhone 12 was presented, and all four models of it have the ability to connect to 5G networks. From that moment until now, in just a few weeks, the iPhone 12 has become the most widely used 5G smartphone in the world last October.

The data is surprising if we take into account that the iPhone 12 was launched with a bit of delay than usual every year and that in October it was only on sale for two weeks. Despite all that, the iPhone 12 first and the iPhone 12 Pro later, they dominate the ranking of best-selling 5G smartphones.

The information comes from a Counterpoint market study. If we take into account the ranking of the best-selling 5G smartphones between January and October 2020, the iPhone 12 would be in ninth position despite having been on sale for only two weeks during that time.

World's best-selling 5G smartphones at the end of December 2020
World’s best-selling 5G smartphones at the end of December 2020

These data give a good account of the popularity of the iPhone 12, although throughout the year 2021, as more Android smartphones with 5G radio come onto the market, it is very likely that this ranking will change.