The invocation that changes the rules in Elden Ring, a dream come true that you should use from now on

The invocation that changes the rules in Elden Ring, a dream come true that you should use from now on

One of the things that fascinates me the most about Elden Ring is the fact of thinking that you have completed a region 100% to end up discovering videos where they show you secrets that you did not know, such as hidden paths or strange objects.

In today’s case we are not dealing with something so elaborate, but it can easily be overlooked, both because it is related to a side effect from one of the game’s side quests, as for the gift it gives you. A summon that seems less powerful than it really is thanks to the dream.

How to get Dolores the Sleeping Arrow

Elden Ring

Do you remember the trick to beat the Sacroderm Duo? Using Santa Trina’s sword made it a breeze because you can put almost any enemy to sleep (literally) and have them stay in deep sleep for a minute (or even longer) so you have a much deadlier crit in your sights. Or simply to leave you alone for a while, unless you have a lot of resistance to sleep…

As you may have deduced, the invocation that we are going to recommend to you now is related to sleep and is called Dolores, the Sleeping Arrow. And we said that you can be overlooked as it is related to the quest to Seluvis, located southeast of the Tower of Ranni, after eliminating the boss of the Caria manor, north of the Liurnia region. But not because you are granted this summon by Seluvis himself, but rather because of collateral damage from some special act in the story.


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Both Ranni and Seluvis have their own quests, which connect at certain points. The important thing to know here is that you will need to kill Radahn first, following the natural progression of the main story, to access Nokronthe Eternal City, situated on the upper part of the Siofra River.

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There you must take the dactylocida leaf in the chest of the Holy Land of Night, going down the Grace of the Ancient Forest. Because giving this main item to Ranni will kill Seluvis and make it possible for you to get later two secret objects of Pidiathe servant of the Caria, one of them being this invocation.

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So after presenting Ranni with that dactylocidal blade, then go to the Seluvis tower to collect her belongings and then walk along the side of that mountain until you see this part of the Caria mansion, as seen in the capture of up. A little voice screaming will give you a clue what are you close to…

Drop down the side of the mansion until you access the upper part of the Grace “Lower level of the mansion” through the roof, where the aforementioned Pidia, the servant of the Caria, is precisely. Because as you will witness, he has just been killed by his own puppets and from its remains you will get the sphere of Pidia, to be redeemed at the Quiescent Twin Maidens, from the Table of Lost Grace, and which will unlock a second special sphere shop; and the spirit of Dolores Puppet, the Sleeping Arrow. A summon that fires sleep arrows endlessly, to the point of putting almost any enemy (bosses included) to sleep in just a few shots, making it extremely deadly.

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The best of all? That when someone sleeps, he stops shooting. This gives you plenty of time to make a critical attack on the enemy. You just have to watch out for the ones that are more resistant to sleep, like the heavy armored knights. There they will only take a nap for a couple of seconds.

If you want to see all this in action, enjoy this video from RageGaming.

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