In addition to memes and controversies, social networks rarely provide us with really useful information, the kind that are really worth it. And this is undoubtedly one of them: what is the trick to folding the fitted sheets?

Known as the black hole of housework, folding the fitted sheets is that particular domestic Everest that we have all had to face in our lives and that has defeated many of us by giving up.

It does not matter if you do it alone or accompanied, only a privileged few know the secret to folding fitted sheets properly without being thrown a ball of cloth.

They say that learning to fold a fitted sheet is like learning to walk or ride a bike, It may seem complicated at first, but once you learn it becomes something natural that you never forget.

It may seem like a superfluous task, however it helps to keep the sheets in better condition and to last longer. Also, if you are a bit fussy about cleanliness and order, you will be able to come to peace with yourself.

Thanks to the internet and social networks we have discovered that learning to fold a fitted sheet is easier than it seems.

It is a seven-step process that may seem complicated at first glance, but once you assimilate it, it is very simple:

– Step 1: Lay the fitted sheet over your hands with the top two corners turned upside down and the elastic edge close to the body.

– Step 2: Fold the fitted sheet in half and tuck the corners of the fitted sheet in half vertically, flipping the right corner over the left to create a pocket of sorts.

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– Step 3: Turn the sheet 180 degrees and create a second pocket at the top.

– Step 4: Refold the fitted sheet in half and adjust so that there are two corners on the left hand and the other two on the right, with the seam folded at the bottom and the edge folded and gathered towards you.

You are not going to put the mattress in the washing machine, but you should not neglect its hygiene. How and how often should you clean this important element for your rest?

– Step 5: Fold the sheet in half one more time so that the four adjusted corners meet and flip the set of corners on the right over the left set.

– Step 6: Lay the folded sheet on a smooth surface with the inside edges up, fold the longest part of the curved edge towards the center a few inches to create a straight edge.

– Step 7: Now you should have a perfect rectangle on the table or bed. Fold in half lengthwise, and then fold in thirds or half as desired.

So counting can seem a bit confusing, so you may want to see the process in motion in this video of the Instagram by thefoldinglady.

Now that you know the trick to fold fitted sheets You just have to practice it and show off your new skill on social media.