Discover the mystery that hides The Innsmouth Case, which is already available at Xbox. This detective adventure developed by RobotPumpkin Games and published by Assemble Entertainment it will put us in a complex situation where a girl has disappeared and we must solve the case.

The Innsmouth Case will transport us to a place full of mysticism to solve the enigmatic disappearance of a girl named Tabitha Marsh. The girl’s parents have looked for the best detective to help them find their daughter, however he rejects the case because he does not have time, so they will assign us the case to find Tabitha.

The Innsmouth Case is now available on Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One and PC

The case of Tabitha Marsh will take us to a distant fishing village of Innsmouth, where we will soon discover that nothing is what it seems. The mission is simple, we have to save the girl, solve the case and in the attempt of all the above we must also survive in Innsmouth, right?

The Innsmouth Case features an interactive book format that has been inspired by the astonishing works of fantasy horror from the great and unrivaled HP Lovecraft, creating a perfect combination of classic horror and unconventional humor that will make the game a unique experience that we cannot miss.

Each of our decisions will be extremely important to solve the case successfully, although if we are not careful it can also lead to a resounding failure. The Innsmouth Case offers us 27 endings that we can discover as we make decisions, but nothing will be easy in this mystery game. Will we make it through our day to day in Innsmouth, or will we have our days numbered before solving the case?

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The Innsmouth Case It will take place in the 21st century, which will make it even more interesting to solve the case successfully and in the process uncover all the mysteries that this village strives to hide. We will be able to interact with more than 30 animated characters that will help us discover fundamental clues that will bring us closer and closer to little Tabitha Marsh. Or that’s what they want us to think.

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You can find The Innsmouth Case available in the Microsoft Store At a price of € 14.99.

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