The incredible record that Bizum could reach this year | Technology

The incredible record that Bizum could reach this year |  Technology

They intend to reach 75,000 active businesses and 23 million users this year.

Bizum has become one of the preferred means of payment by Spaniards, a simple, direct and fast way of paying that is not only used between individuals, but also that different businesses have embraced in recent years, causing it to skyrocket even more its popularity.

However, Bizum intends to reach to 23 million users and 75,000 active businesses in 2022, surpassing the records of 2021 that were already spectacular.

Also this year they intend to reach 800 million transactions between individuals and exceed 20 million in electronic commerce, compared to 15.4 million in 2021, they point out in five days.

Bizum has become the most popular mobile payment system between individuals in Spain. As in any other medium, scams are also possible. What are the steps to follow to claim?

We continue to have in mind the objective of being the preferred payment method for the Spanish. We continue to grow and consolidate our service, while our entities incorporate new solutions to expand their offer with Bizum and continue to be useful to their customers in their day-to-day”, affirms Ángel Nigorra, CEO of Bizum.

They explain that during 2021, 505 million operations were carried out between individuals, with a total volume of 26,000 million euros and an average amount per operation of 51 euros.

Speaking of e-commerce payments, 5.3 million purchases worth 320 million euros were made, and this is due to the increase in the number of online businesses that have accepted payments through Bizum, which has practically tripled compared to the previous year.

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The key day of last year was November 26, Black Friday, where 44,000 purchases were registered worth 3.2 million euros.