The incredible physical transformation of Bill Skarsgård

The incredible physical transformation of Bill Skarsgård

It comes from family. The Skarsgårds strive to give their all in their roles. We’ve already seen it several times in his older brother Alexander, who put on 30 pounds of muscle to play a viking berserker in The Northman.

In the upcoming film Boy Kills World, described as an action-dream thriller with dystopian fever, Bill Skarsgård stars as Boy, a deaf-mute with a vibrant imagination. When his family is murdered, a mysterious shaman trains him to suppress his childhood fantasies and become an instrument of death. So there is no other choice but to get strong.

martial arts training

The actor assures that it has been a completely new preparation. In two months he had to learn to fake how to fight well. He underwent a two-month crash course in martial arts with Szatarski, a renowned action-fighting professional who trained under Jackie Chan stunt guru Brad Allan. Together, they developed “a unique moving style” for the 6-foot-3 actor, whose size and length help make him an unconventional new-age action star.

In addition, the training has favored the fact that his abs are well marked. Although we don’t yet know the exact details of Bill’s exercise and eating routine, thanks to famed trainer Magnus Lygdback, we do know about his brother’s.

Basically, they have done a lot of band warm-ups for the shoulders and hips, and it was all followed by some pretty intense strength training. were made workouts four days a weekwhich means that different muscles are worked each day.

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Bill isn’t supposed to have had to work as hard to get a ripped physique in Boy Kills World. After all, his body was built for jungle fighting, not Scandinavia.

Ketogenic diet to dry muscle

On a normal day, Bill Skarsgard maintains a fairly normal diet. This means that he basically eats what he wants and his activity level matches it and gives him the physique that we would normally see him with. However, the circumstances have been very different for his role in Boy Kills World.

Although data is still missing, Skarsgard has had to increase several kilos of muscle mass. Let’s remember that to make Pennywise he had to lose almost 15 kilos to obtain a ghostly and terrifying appearance. He really changed his face when he’s getting so gaunt. Logically it worked well for the character, but it wasn’t always fun.

It is speculated that he is a lover of the ketogenic diet. That is, the consumption of carbohydrates is significantly reduced and protein and a lot of fat are eaten. And once the body starts using fat for fuel, instead of carbohydrates, we burn fat. However, it is possible that you have become attached to another type of diet that is less restrictive and more sustainable in the long term. To increase so much muscle mass, he had to increase his calorie intake markedly.

Recall that his brother Alexander Skarsgård ate 3,700 calories in five meals a day to gain 10 kilos of muscle.