In this room, with 84 years of history, the actor danced Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” and the painter Diego Rivera, they toasted Leon Trotsky and great writers, while the Zapatista guerrillas established the dialogue table for their disarmament here in 1997.

“The confinement that we were faced with in this pandemic was very difficult because we had to be isolated from everyone,” he told the AFP Miguel Ángel Cisneros, 77-year-old dance instructor.

The veteran dancer says that during the confinement he used to listen to music and dance alone, remembering the choreographies he has performed for years, dressed in the Pachuco style in this space of ancestry.

The pachuco represents the Mexican who lived in the southern United States in the 1930s, and dressed extravagantly in search of social recognition.

Faced with imminent bankruptcy due to the closure, its owner launched a campaign to attract donations that he promised to compensate with diplomas, tickets and a commemorative plaque.

“We live on loans, with the small reserves we had (…) and with some friends who have been extremely kind to lend us at low rates,” says Miguel Nieto, whose grandfather founded the dance hall.

The future is still complicated because a good part of its clients are older adults like Cisneros -very vulnerable to the coronavirus- who usually go to dance mambo, danzón and cha-cha.

The Los Angeles room is a species of dinosaur on the verge of extinction, but it refuses to go extinct

With red and fuchsia walls, this bohemian corner keeps part of the history of the country, to the point that its motto reads: “Who does not know the Los Angeles room, does not know Mexico“.

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Nieto also recalls that in 1998 the Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes celebrated in the living room the 40 years of his novel “The most transparent region”, together with the Nobel prizes Gabriel Garcia Marquez and José Saramago.

Various forums in Mexico City have resumed activities since last October due to a sharp decrease in infections, according to authorities.