We know that there are many doubts when it comes to jumping into the void and embarking on a journey as a self-employed person, mainly due to the procedures and financial issues that this entails. However, from the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations they plan to make our lives somewhat easier. And it is that they are already preparing an app so that the self-employed can modify their quota instantly.

The news is given by Minister José Luis Escrivá himself, who has assured that the team is working on said app. The application, which will work on our mobile devices, It will allow us to adapt the quota of freelancers based on the income we generate in our activity, and all this in real time.

Goodbye to the tedious self-employment procedures

Currently, to make any modification as a freelancer, it is through the Tax Agency website and in the Social Security where we will have to notify it. However with the arrival of this app, which is scheduled to land together with the reform of the contribution system in 2023We will be able to carry out all these procedures at the moment.

Without yet having a specific release date, the safest thing is that we can download it through the Google Play application store on Android and the App Store on iOS. The simile of this application can be found on the Import @ ss portal, which was announced just a few days ago and where we can carry out a multitude of telematic procedures related to Social Security.

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According to the information El Periódico has had access to, the government admits that “the self-employment registration process is very complex and the current service is not very intuitive for users“. The application will arrive in time for the aforementioned quote system, system which your fees will vary between 90 and 1,220 euros per month.

It will be this Thursday when Social Security and various organizations meet to specify the missing points for said application to cover all the needs of the self-employed.

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