The Goonies actor wants to reprise the role

The Goonies actor wants to reprise the role

Ke Huy Quan played Data in The Goonies and Plug in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and now reveals that he would return to both roles without hesitation.

Even though in the 80’s he was in some of the most beloved movies like the goonies, in the 90s he left acting due to the few opportunities he had. Now, she has returned to work in some movies and has revealed his motives. But in addition, he is clear that he would return to those roles that made him famous when he was a child.

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and the Goonies changed my life, changed the trajectory of my life. I still can’t believe, 38 years later, there are still people coming up to me and telling me how those two movies have affected their lives. So I’m grateful to be a part of that. And yes, over the years, I always dreamed of revisiting those characters. In fact, we tried for many years, doing The Goonies 2. We hired numerous writers with numerous drafts, but it just never came to fruition. And so, even my return to acting, was once, for me, a dream far, far away. The directors of Everything Everywhere All at Once, made that distant dream come true today and I am so grateful to them. So yeah, I’d love to.”

“I’m excited that we’re going to get Indiana Jones 5. I love Harrison Ford so much, and I can’t wait for him to put on that fedora one more time and crack the whip another time. So yeah, I’m very happy.” reveal Ke Huy Quan.

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Ke Huy Quan in The Goonies and in Everything Everywhere All at Once

Will they make a sequel to the 1984 hit?

It has long been speculated that they could reunite all the original actors of the goonies for a new installment, although it has also been commented that it would be a story about his children. But they have never managed to raise production. In fact, many fans of the original movie are against making a sequel, because it probably won’t reach the level of what the first one meant at the time.

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