the game that has the most interest in betting on Qatar 2022

the game that has the most interest in betting on Qatar 2022

“We are seeing that Argentina against Mexico is going to be the analog of Germany vs. Mexico”, I find where “the coefficients for Mexico were quite high. There were many people who won quite large prizes”, Jaime Bermeo, director for Latin America of 1XBET, anticipated this Wednesday.

The match will take place next November 26, and it will be El Tri’s second World Cup match in the group stage.

In order to bet on 1XBET, those interested can deposit from 20 pesos and there is no maximum limit, he explained. After Mexico, the national public also tends to bet on Spain, Brazil and Colombia, said the director of 1XBET.

Currently the average betting ticket is 650 pesos and it is estimated that this amount will be multiplied by 4 -around 2,600 pesos- during the World Cup.

It is estimated that 2022 will close with a business of between 2,200 and 2,400 million dollars (mdd), with around 15 million operations during the month that the World Cup lasts, an increase of 35%, Javier Guerrero, General Manager, said at a press conference. New Mexico.

“It is estimated that today the total value of the online betting market in Mexico already exceeds 2,000 million dollars a year. Before the pandemic they were, perhaps, below 1,000 million dollars, and this market continues to grow, ”said Guerrero de Nuvei.

About 10 million users are registered per month and prizes are awarded for around 300 million pesos, he added.

Thanks to the pandemic, the use of digital platforms increased not only when it comes to betting, but also in the forms of payment used by players. Currently the use of SPEI and other electronic forms of payment and transfers for prizes represents 100% of operations, while 50% of users use these payment alternatives.

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In this digital ecosystem coexist, on the one hand, the 1XBET bookmaker, as well as the STP payment platform and the Nuvei payment technology platform.

STP and Nuvei have security systems to prevent fraud, as well as to protect the information of their users, which they do through different customer authentication and identification processes.