The G7 finally hardens its tone against China

The G7 finally hardens its tone against China

In recent years, China has invested heavily in the infrastructure of developing countries under its “New Silk Roads” program and to secure access to certain raw materials.

But China has been accused of carrying out its projects through unprofitable or opaque loans, which would aggravate the debt problems of already vulnerable countries.

The G7, in return, promises “transparency” in its “Global Infrastructure Partnership” program, promising to mobilize $600 billion by 2027.

Biden-Xi meeting

Joe Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold talks in the coming weeks, White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan estimated on Monday, citing growing convergence between NATO members and the G7 on the challenge posed by Beijing.

“We think there is a growing convergence, both in the G7 and in NATO, around the challenge that China poses,” Sullivan told reporters at the G7 summit in southern Germany.

The G7 leaders saw an “urgent need” for consultation and alignment on issues such as China’s non-trade economic practices, its measures regarding the debt of developing countries and its approach to human rights, Sullivan said.

But the official noted that the heightened attention to China’s actions on both the economic and security fronts does not imply that the West is trying to launch a new Cold War.

“We are not looking to divide the world into rival blocs and make each country choose,” he said. “We want to uphold a set of principles that are fair to all. And we want to make sure that we are working with like-minded partners to bring China to adhere to those standards.”

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