Technology has changed countless things, from how we communicate to how we work. But it also has a place, and a lot in the world of entertainment. We have gone from playing in a single point of the house to being able to play anywhere and with any device.

Perhaps the future has already been described by the film Ready Player One by Steven Spielberg where life and games are passed on a virtual network. They even had a planet of online casino for those who like strong emotions. Be that as it may, the future is the less promising.

Xbox, Amazon, Nvidia and Stadia on the hunt for gamers

We currently have very clear potential competitors in the cloud game. Nvidia started with a very interesting proposal that continues to grow every day with GeForce Now. If it is true that it only has third-party games since NVIDIA does not have any study and is very dependent on third parties.

On the other hand, we have Stadia, Google’s bet that seems to work very well but does not quite convince. Its somewhat contradictory movements make people not convinced with the future of this project that aspires to something more. In addition, the multiple dismissals of directors do not bode well for a great future.

Amazon Moon has just arrived and wants to end Stadia. If it is true that it offers a very attractive price and availability anywhere. The only problem we found is that Amazon’s own games do not finish reaching the market and they have suffered countless delays. It seems that the arrival of Amazon Luna will be like Stadia, dependent on third-party games.

Xbox seems the best positioned at the moment. It has Xbox Cloud Gaming with better performance every day and countless games to play for free with Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. From indie games to big productions passing through the games of the 23 studies that controls.