Facebook wants to attract young audiences back to its social networks.

Anyone who has been present on social media for the last ten years will be quite clear the audience to which each of them is directed. For a time, the queen of networks, Facebook, was the cornerstone of all types of users. However, over the years, Facebook’s target audience has aged dramatically, being used especially by middle and seniors, losing young users along the way. For that reason, Mark Zuckerberg has begun to focus your work teams to attract young people back.

The magnate himself stated that “many of the services that have been implemented in recent years were focused on the majority audience of Facebook and Instagram, more than young people. ” this statement collected by The Verge, Mark Zuckerberg makes it clear that they had distanced young people from their target and wants to bring them back, after being witness the brutal success of TikTok with much younger users than other platforms. In fact, he himself defines TikTok as “one of the most effective competitors they have faced”.

Regarding these changes, Facebook declares that will be implemented more easily on Instagram thanks to the Reels mechanic, already implemented for a long time and that little by little is gaining weight in the network. Its objective, in fact, is for the Reels to gain weight as one of the central contents of this social network with some important changes that will be made soon.

As for Facebook, these changes will take years until they take effect, as they don’t want to make drastic changes that hamper the user experience for their mainstream audience. However, in the face of Resounding predictions Facebook has regarding its lack of young users, they have no more room for maneuver so those company fears don’t come true.

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