The FTC would seek to combat fake reviews and influencers

The FTC would seek to combat fake reviews and influencers

During the last months the Federal Trade Commission of the United States has been paying more and more attention to the video game industry, and now they are updating their guidelines in order to combat false reviews and other forms of misleading advertising, such as paying influencers.

The new FTC guidelines warn social platforms like YouTube and Instagram that their tools are not robust enough to ensure transparency in cases of paid advertising. Their revised guidelines also allow the FTC to go after virtual influencers or V-Tubers. In a statement, director Samuel Levine had this to say:

Whether it’s a fake review or influencers hiding that they were paid to post, these types of scams result in people paying more money for bad products and services, and hurt honest competitors.”

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In 2014, YouTuber PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg) was criticized for not saying that he was paid to say positive comments about Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, which led to the FTC having an agreement with Warner Bros to ban this type of content. paid out.

In January of this year it was announced that Microsoft and Activision had reached a purchase agreement for the incredible amount of $68 billion dollars, which caught the attention of the Federal Trade Commission or FTC, for its acronym in English. In February, the FTC said it will conduct an antitrust review of the deal.

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Shortly after Sony revealed that they had also reached an agreement and were going to buy Bungie, the company known for having created the Halo and Destiny franchises. A few weeks later, the FTC revealed that it was going to conduct an in-depth review of the purchase agreement between Sony and Bungie, so it’s clear that its focus on video games is well on its way.