The foods we recommend avoiding, if you follow a vegan diet and want to lose weight

The foods we recommend avoiding, if you follow a vegan diet and want to lose weight

If with the beginning of a new year you have decided to follow a vegan diet with the aim of improving your diet and also getting rid of the extra kilos, we remember that it is not always a healthier alternative and we show you the foods we recommend avoiding if you follow a vegan diet and want to lose weight.

Fewer ultra-processed foods in your vegan diet to lose weight

As in any diet, if we seek to achieve a quality, satiating and light diet, it is advisable avoid ultra-processed that even being 100% of plant origin have a lower nutritional quality and can offer nutrients that lead to weight gain.

Thus, we recommend avoiding foods such as table sugar, syrups and syrups vegans that are nothing more than free or added sugars that we should try to reduce in our usual diet.

All foods that contain these types of ingredients, as well as those with excess fat or sodium, should be avoided as much as possible if we are looking for lose weight, as well as the intake of refined flours.

In this sense, there are vegan products such as commercial breakfast cereals or potato chips that have poor quality carbohydrates and do not fill you up at all, but on the contrary are addictive and push us to eat more.

The same is true for certain sauces or flavored vegetable drinks which can be a source of sugars, as well as with vegan sausages and burgers that we recommend avoiding on a daily basis, since in addition to often containing sugars or starches, they can be a source of excess sodium and fat, without satiating or quality nutrients.


Other products that we recommend avoiding in our vegan diet if we seek to lose weight by easily achieving a caloric deficit are cookies and granola bars, although these are presented as an alternative rich in fiber, since they are mostly a source of a lot of sugar, poor quality fats and excess salt.

These foods, as well as nuts and seeds that are fried and salted, bread sticks, sweetened cocoa powder, soft drinks, margarines or others that can be a source of many fats and concentrated calories, are foods to avoid in our vegan diet if we want to lose weight.

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