The Flash becomes the longest series in the Arrowverse

The Flash becomes the longest series in the Arrowverse

Things have stayed pretty active within The CW’s Arrowverse, and The Flash, which has now become a DC fan favorite, is just part of a long list of shows that have been around for the longest time. part of a decade, offering a startling take on the long-running and ever-evolving mythos of DC Comics.

So along the way, the live-action franchise has given birth to some major TV shows, and it looks like one has just crossed an interesting milestone, as this week’s season 8 finale of Flash, “Negative, Part Two”helped the show become the longest-running show within the Arrowverse, running a total of 171 episodes so far.

Given that Arrow, had a total of 170 episodes across its eight seasons before ending in early 2020, so while this doesn’t come close to being the longest-running live-action DC TV series, as it is the The case of Smallville, which aired 217 episodes throughout its ten seasons, is still impressive.

And of course, we’re aware that The Flash will go well beyond 171 episodes, as the show has already signed on for a ninth season, so the long-term future of the show beyond that, though as of yet, is not clear. clear how far it will go, especially since the other DC TV shows on The CW have now been canceled (Batwoman and Legends of Tomorrow) or pulled from continuity “Earth-Prime” of arrowverse (Superman and Lois, Star Girl).

But, reports from earlier this year indicated that series star Grant Gustin would appear in a maximum of fifteen episodes in Season 9, as part of a new one-year deal the actor signed, and throughout those fifteen episodes, it sounds like fans can expect some unique storytelling, particularly with regards to Gustin’s Barry Allen/The Flash and Candice Patton’s Iris West-Allen.

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