The five best spheres that you can put in your Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The five best spheres that you can put in your Xiaomi Mi Band 6

The funds of the Mi band 6 they are fully customizable, and although it is true that you can adapt any image to the screen of your bracelet, the results are not always the best.

Fortunately, there are certain web pages and applications that take care of collect different “Watchfaces” for different Xiaomi and Amazfit devices in which users share their own creations.

Next, we have compiled some of the most striking that can be really useful and that they will surely look great on your Mi Band 6. You should know that all of them are totally free.

Give the Mi Band 6 a sporty touch

If you are a fan of AdidasYou will probably love this sphere with the company logo. Provides the battery information and the day of the week.

The Apple Watch sphere on the Mi Band 6


Another of the most popular spheres that you can find is that of the Apple Watch by Nike, which offers information on the amount of exercise you have done in the day, among other interesting data at the stroke of the wrist, in this case fully adapted to the Xiaomi bracelet.

IBand dial


This sphere too It is based on those of the Apple WatchHowever, it makes good use of the panel of the bracelet to receive all kinds of information without making it overwhelming to read the information.

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Of course, you should bear in mind that this also has the possibility of being active even when you don’t turn your wrist, which leads to a decrease in the autonomy of the bracelet.

Fallout Sphere


If you are a lover of the Fallout saga, you are probably interested in knowing this sphere, which is animated and changes color. It has a lot of information with the same source of the game which makes it feel like you have the pip on your wrist.

The Northern Lights on your wrist

Northern Lights sphere

Finally, this is a very minimalist sphere, but also very elegant, it is inspired by the northern lights and it has the basics, such as the time, the percentage of charge, the time and the calendar.

How to install new custom backgrounds or watchfaces on the Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6

It should be noted that there are applications such as Notify & Fitness for Mi Band that also allow change the sphere in a really simple way.