Although the current status of the DCEU is questionable, fans of this cinematic universe are eagerly awaiting the release of The Flash. Considering that this film will adapt the story of Flashpoint, here we will see several classic DC characters, and there is the possibility that a reboot will take place.

During the DC FanDome the first trailer of The Flash, where the titular character, in charge of Ezra Miller, changes his past and, as a result, his present has been modified. Similarly, there are a couple of surprises that are sure to get fans excited.

The Flash It will be released on November 4, 2022, so throughout the following year we will see more and more advances of this film. In related topics, here you can see the first preview of Black adam. In the same way, this is how the series of Peacemaker.


Editor’s Note:

The DCEU may have had a couple of interesting moments, but it never quite caught up with the MCU. Due to various behind-the-scenes issues, and without a boss general, this universe never had a chance to reach its full potential. The Flash you have the opportunity to redeem this, but in a way where, perhaps, everything starts over again, eliminating the mistakes of the past.

Via: DC FanDome