Last week the construction of the world’s first fully removable soccer stadium was completed. The next World Cup matches will be played here.

The problem of organizing a Soccer World Cup in a country with little football tradition, or few inhabitants, is that It is not profitable to build 8 or 9 football stadiums … unless they are removable.

The 2022 World Cup will be played in Taste, a country of only 2.8 million inhabitants. In its capital, Doha, has just been built the first removable soccer stadium.

Stadium 974, with capacity for 40,000 viewers, It is the work of the Spanish architecture studio Fenwick Iribarren Architects, located in Madrid. In this video you can see its curious design:

Name Stadium 974 it has a double symbolism. On the one hand, it matches the telephone code of Qatar, which is 974.

But it is also the number of shipping containers used to build the stadium.

Doha is a port city. So they have taken advantage 974 shipping containers used to bring materials for the construction of the stadium, to build the walls from the stadium itself, which sits on a modular metal structure.

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Stadium 974 is designed to be disassembled removing the containers and dismantling the metallic structure.

Here they will be played 7 matches of the Qatar Soccer World Cup, but once finished the championship the stadium can be dismantled if not in use, to reuse your containers, or set up another stadium anywhere else.

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Thanks to its modular structure and its detachable stadium, it has been possible to complete in record time.

There is still a year to go until the Qatar Soccer World Cup, but it is completely finished, ready for matches to be played.

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The construction of demontable stadiums It is a novel idea, but it could solve many problems in the organization of sporting events, or for the construction of stadiums at a lower cost.

Stadium 947 is also a sustainable stadium, It has received 4 stars in the GSAS certification.

The use of reusable and modular materials has reduced its carbon footprint. And aspects such as the use of sea breeze (the enclosure is in the port, next to the sea), to cool the field during hot hours.