The first official PS5 bundle is already on the way

The first official PS5 bundle is already on the way

Unlike the PS4, finding a PS5 that includes an additional game, other than Astro’s Playroom, it is almost impossible, at least officially. However, this will finally change. Since last week, a bundle that includes a PS5 and Horizon Forbidden West has been available in the UK, and this offer is finally coming to America soon.

Although not currently for sale yet, it was recently discovered that a package that includes a PS5, either digital or with a disc reader, and Horizon Forbidden West will come to america. At the moment there is no specific date, but all those interested can already register at PSDirect for a chance to own the console and the game at the same time once they’re available.


In the UK the package is £20 less than what it would cost to buy the PS5 and Horizon Forbidden West separately. Although at the moment there is no price for America, this would mean that the package would cost $550 dollars in its version with a disc reader, and $450 dollars if it is digital. Similarly, it is important to mention that the game is completely digital, a download code is included here.

With this, At the moment it is unknown if this package will reach Mexico and other regions of Latin America in the future. Considering that the PS4 had a lot of bundle options, the same will eventually happen with the PS5. It’s just a matter of more consoles being produced and available to the public.

On related topics, Sony registers a new PS5 model. Similarly, the PS5 covers already have a release date.

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Editor’s Note:

It is high time that more packages of this type were available on the market. With the games of the new generation at $ 70 dollars, this type of offer may convince more than one to acquire the latest Sony console. We will surely see similar packages with titles like Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Y Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales in the future.

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