Have you asked yourself what indicators should we take into consideration to increase the profitability of an agency or business? East Webinar is for you.

When creating and developing a agency or business, it is vitally important to know the indicators What do you say if your cost effectiveness is in favor or at risk. According to INEGI, 33 percent of companies die in their first year, 65 percent in their first 5 years, 76 percent in ten years, 82 percent in 15 years, 86 percent in 20 and 89 percent in his 25. Similarly, the Eugenio Garza Lagüera Entrepreneurship Institute, among the main problems of failure in business there are insufficient income, excess operating expenses, money mismanagement, financing problems, inadequate organizational structure, problems in execution, lack of analysis, lack of indicators, etc. Will it really be a problem in the indicators? Or are they present and we are unable to see them?

The results within a agency or company, positive or negative, remain indicators That allow us collect data to work on deficiencies within it. Although there are agencies or businesses that did not require structuring or previous experience to be successful, not all cases are the same. A business carried out safely, with real numbers and a professional in charge has a greater chance of carrying out a profitable project, compared to leaving it to the fate of an inexperienced person. However, acquiring this type of information can be a bit complicated, so we bring you a new solution with a Webinar.

Webinar: Financial indicators to increase the profitability of your agency

The Merca 2.0 team invites you to Webinar from “Indicators financed to increase the reality of your agency”, conference presented by Mariano Gómez González, financial management expert and former CEO of Danilo black, where he was part of accounts in digital business strategy, user experience design, media design, branding and content. Later he focused on creating Stratfort, a work team with the goal of being a specialized financial consultancy, aiming to design custom models in its clients’ projects with the aim of improving their results in terms of profitability and flow in the shortest possible time, in addition that they are constantly studying the best tools in the industry.

It is vitally important to realize what is happening within our agency, since of 100 percent of agencies in the marketing industry in Latin America, at least 60 percent of them have problems from cost effectiveness and flow, in addition to the fact that 95 percent do not get to capitalize their potential from cost effectiveness.

In this Webinar that will help you increasing the profitability of your agency is divided into three chapters that you cannot miss:

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