The final arc of My Hero Academia has a new editor

The final arc of My Hero Academia has a new editor


It has been announced that one of the anime Shōnen most popular in recent times will start its final arc. We refer to My Hero Academia, the adventure starring Izuki Midoriya and the rest of the heroes. However, for this latest stage of the work, it has also been revealed that he will have a new editor in charge.

The manga created by Kohei Horikoshi, My Hero Academia, will make a major change in the editorial team, Well, it has been confirmed who will be the person who will enter the project during the final arc. Next, we tell you all the details.

A new editor will be in charge of the final arc of My Hero Academia

There will be a new editor who will be in charge of the conclusion of the adventures of Midoriya and company

Taguchi has been the fourth editor in charge of the mangaka’s work Kohei Horkoshi throughout the later chapters. This one too has previously worked on other popular mangaWhat Red Hood and Samurai 8. However, it has been announced that he will be replaced for the last episodes of My Hero Academiaspecifically for the final arc.

The new editor in charge will be Imamurawho is known for having worked on works such as Ayakashi Trianglethat it was a romantic comedy. The reason for this change is currently unknown and, above all, the reason for doing it at this point in the series.

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However, the author of the work himself, Horikoshihas been responsible for announcing this change of editor through the most recent volume published by the weekly review of the Shōnen Jump. In addition, everything seems to indicate that he feels happy about this change and the person in charge.

To accompany this announcement, Horikoshi has shared a few words in the aforementioned magazine, inviting Tagushithe former editor, to a barbecue, while greeting Imamura and asked him to please take care of his work.

In the meantime we can only wait and see if there will be any important change with respect to what they offered us previous chapters of the work, now that there is a new editor in charge.

My Hero Academia’s final arc promises a lot

The final arc of My Hero Academia has finally begun

The final arc of My Hero Academia has finally begun

In the most recent chapters of the manga created by Horikoshiwe are in the impressive and intense fight that is taking place between Dabi and Todorokibut it is not all, since other heroes are also fighting against the villains of All for One.

This could be the biggest battle ever seen so far in My Hero Academiabut it just makes fans wonder Which heroes will survive and which won’t?. Meanwhile, it only remains to wait and trust that the protagonists will be able to overcome this new challenge or even manage to make the villains change sides.

We should also point out that some fans are worried about this conclusion and are just waiting for this work, which they have followed for so long, to receive an ending worthy of the emotions it has offered them over the years. What will be the fate of Deku and company? We will have to wait.

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