the filming of ‘Gone Girl’ had to be paralyzed for four days because of a Yankees cap

the filming of ‘Gone Girl’ had to be paralyzed for four days because of a Yankees cap

Anyone who has inquired, even superficially, into his methodology will know that David Fincher is one of the most quirky, obsessive — and, to some of his setmates, maybe unnerving — filmmakers working; and it is that the one from Denver does not shake his pulse if he has to repeat a shot dozens of times to nail the camera movement, the placement of some element in the frame or, even, a reflection projected in the right place.

You to Boston and I… to New York

It’s not news that good old David can extend the principal photography of his productions more than is recommended, but during the filming of the extraordinary ‘Perdida’, the filmmaker met his match. One with name and surname: Benjamin Géza Affleck-Boldt —Ben Affleck for friends—.

In one of the scenes of the film, Nick Dunne, the character played by Affleck, tries to go unnoticed in a New York airport, so Fincher thought it was a good idea. add a New York Yankees cap to your outfit. But the actor, whose heart belongs to the city of Boston and the Red Sox, he flatly refused to perpetrate such a betrayal.

That’s how he told it in one interview in The New York Times:

“I said, ‘David, I love you, I would do anything for you. But I’m not going to put on a Yankees cap. I can’t. I can’t put it on because it’s going to explode, David, and it will never end. I can’t do it.’ And I couldn’t put it on my head.”

Affleck’s stance led to a four-day stoppage in filming. In the audio commentary track of ‘Perdida’, the David Fincher alludes to the conflict.

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“I really wanted it to be a Yankees cap, but [inspira con fuerza] being from Boston and not being too professional as an actor, Ben refused to wear a Yankees cap. We didn’t come to blows, but we had to shut down production for four days.”

Finally, actor and director reached an agreement that degreased the struggle and allowed the filming to continue: trade the yankees cap for a mets cap – New Yorkers too. Come on, as if Affleck had been from Real Madrid and had agreed to wear an Espanyol cap instead of a Barcelona one.