The fateful fate of one of the Witcher 3 characters

The fateful fate of one of the Witcher 3 characters

The Witcher is one of the most beloved video game sagas in the industry, to the extent that they have become a great popularity among players. It has been almost seven years since The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt was released and the popularity of the CD Projekt RED video game continues to be high.

Something that we find quite striking is the fact that the premiere of the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher series has once again triggered the number of players on Steam and that is precisely why interesting details and secrets continue to be discovered. In that sense, they have now discovered the fateful fate of a character from The Witcher 3.

Specifically, we are talking about Aldert Geert, the man who teaches Geralt to play Gwent in the Huerto Blanco tavern, the initial area of ​​the play, where we must hunt down the griffin. According to user Virasman on the Reddit forums, Aldert Geert tells Geralt that he wants to write a book about the war against the Nilfgaardian empire.

The witcher replies that if he enters the battlefront they will kill him for his boots. This netizen assures that Aldert’s fate depends on whether Geralt emboldens him to go to war, but other users point out that the result is the same if we try to dissuade him. Be that as it may, later we can find him in the Hanged Man Tree in Huerto Blanco hanging from it and, of course, without boots, just as Geralt had predicted.

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But that is not all. At the foot of the aforementioned tree you will see the unfinished book on the war that Aldert Geert was writing and you will also find a letter from Gwent if you did not manage to defeat him in your confrontation in the tavern.