the extravagant dish that the tennis player from Murcia Carlos Alcaraz eats before each match

the extravagant dish that the tennis player from Murcia Carlos Alcaraz eats before each match

Become the revelation tennis player of the season and seriously aspiring to be the new Rafa Nadal, the Murcian Carlos Alcaraz (El Palmar, Murcia, 2003) is taking a tour of the tennis courts and sets that is allowing us to get to know the new ‘child prodigy’ of Spanish sport.

To a privileged head and an iron mentality, in addition to a well-polished physique, is added —as it cannot be less in an athlete— a diet that allows you to maintain the tone during the demanding tennis matches he plays.

On April 28, going through the program of the anthill, Alcaraz revealed part of his sports secrets and gastronomic, even showing that, when he goes out —little and punctually— what he drinks is gin with lemon.

However, more interesting in gastronomy is the pasta recipe that gets between chest and back to have energy during the long tutes tennis that occurs. It is not for less, since he needed three and a half hours to defeat Djokovic in the last Mutua Open Madrid 2022 —which the Murcian would end up winning—.

Ambrosia Healthy Cocoa and Hazelnut Cream – No Added Sugar, No Sweeteners, No Stevia, No Palm Oil, No Sunflower Oil, With EVOO and More than 25% Hazelnuts – 300 g

It is not surprising that pasta is the favorite ingredient of most athletesas it is a simple and quick way to accumulate carbohydrates that you will then ‘burn’ while holding the racket.

What has surprised us is that Alcaraz prepares his own tuned pasta dish: ambrosia pasta, a recipe that is he eats almost monastic hour and a half before each game and that it is nothing more than a pasta with ‘sauce’.

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The system is simple: substitute what we would do with a tomato sauce for this cocoa cream. To do this, nothing more than cook a little pasta to taste and then finish it off with this ultra-energetic cream, loaded with calories, fats and carbohydrates, which allow Alcaraz’s ‘engine’ to start.

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The deployment, caloric and energetic, takes dates, hazelnuts, extra virgin olive oil, cocoa powder and sunflower lecithin. As we can see, we find essential fatty acids in hazelnuts and olive oil, as well as a large amount of sugar in dates and a pinch of them in cocoa powder.

Prepared by the Paleobull company from Palencia, This cocoa and hazelnut cream, which does not have any type of added preservative or sweetener, is an energy bomb with 500 kcal per 100 grams of product.

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