The video editing experience on your Xbox It hasn’t been the best for a long time, and fans have widely complained about it. However, it seems that this could change very soon thanks to Clipchamp. Clipchamp is a web-based video editing suite used by businesses large and small to quickly and easily create professional-looking clips. It has a free trial, but it usually costs $ 9 a month for 720p videos.

It turns out that, according to an official announcement, Microsoft has bought Clipchamp, and there are many reasons to believe that Microsoft will likely include it in Microsoft 365 and Xbox, given the great need on these platforms for more useful video editing tools.

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The experience of editing videos on your Xbox

The experience of editing videos on your Xbox

Xbox used to have a video editing tool that worked fairly well called Upload Studio. But this was closed after years of neglect. Windows itself has long struggled to find a decent competitor to what Apple’s MacOS offers, and many Mac users cite exclusive tools like Final Cut as the main reason they avoid Windows. In comments on the announcement blog, Chris Pratley of Microsoft’s Office group hinted that Clipchamp will be heading to windows.

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The Clipchamp acquisition could be a big boost for the efforts of Microsoft and Xbox to find the right tools to edit clips without suffering too much in this process. Let’s hope that finally editing videos on your Xbox can improve and that it will be very soon.