In the second year of the Forum Forbes CIO’s Geniuses of Digital Transformation 2021, Édgar Fierro, general director of IDC Mexico, anticipated that by 2026, information systems directors will have a preponderant and strategic role in the growth of their companies.

With a change of model in the business structure geared more towards a digital ecosystem due to the Covid-19 pandemic, CIOs will face the challenge of fostering organizational growth and business closures even above areas dedicated to business closure. and information technologies.

“The Covid-19 pandemic supercharged the role of the CIOS, changing from being the backroom technician to being the one who made strategic decisions and the new model of organizations,” said Fierro.

In his intervention at the forum, Fierro considered that from the following year CIOs will be evaluated not for their ability to anticipate and contain organizational problems, but for their ability to co-create and specify viable routes for business.

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“They will no longer be evaluated for maintaining the operation or ensuring that if there are setbacks they come to the rescue, (now) they will be measured individually to do business in their organization,” said Fierro.

Similarly, IDC Mexico considered that during the next two years, CIOs will have greater empowerment to lead the management and analysis of data and, based on this, assume the governance and investments derived from the study of big data.

“By 2023, 60% of CIOs will collaborate to leverage industry capabilities as a critical source for data analysis,” said Fierro.

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The director of IDC Mexico considered that currently there is no better time for the development of heads of information areas due to the contributions they can make to the growth of the industry.

In his speech, Roberto Aguilar, editor-in-chief of Forbes Mexico, considered that last year, when the Covid-19 pandemic hit the economies of nations, it meant an area of ​​opportunity for new technological processes to be developed.

“Thanks to the pandemic, up to five years were advanced in the digital transformation,” Aguilar said.

Likewise, he announced that the Forbes CIO’s Geniuses of Digital Transformation Forum will be held annually and next 2022 will be carried out at the regional level in Mexico.

Marco Landucci, president of Forbes Mexico and Central America, thanked the assistance of CIOs success stories and praised their vision to create new technological routes to do business.

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