the easter egg on a batman enemy

the easter egg on a batman enemy

Much can be said about the miniseries that continues the twisted criminal story of the murderer Dexter Morgan (Michael C. Hall), who now hides under the identity of Jim Lindsay, a grocer in the small icy town of Iron Lake (New York), having left behind a good trail of corpses in sunny Miami (Florida), and his personal tragedy. That unlike revivals less successful, Dexter: New Blood (Clyde Phillips, 2021-2022) has been able to reproduce the dramatic background and the characteristic style of original television fiction, for example.

Or why James Manos Jr. is not its creator like that one, or which one we consider one of his great moments, or what two surprising cameos he has left us so far, or which nod to a famous horror saga there is in its eighth episode or Finally, what one thing do we really miss about Dexter (2006-2013). But we must also talk about a curious easter egg about a great Batman enemy in the city of Gotham that we have met very unexpectedly in the chapter “The Family Business” (1×09).

From Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker to ‘Dexter: New Blood’ Wiggles

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To finally open up to his son Harrison, good old Dexter Morgan tells him what he did with another serial killer when he was in Miami. The sinister Wiggles (Michael laurence) it was an infanticidal clown who disguised the bodies of his young victims with the same colorful clothes and to whom, in short, the character of Michael C. Hall gave a passport with one of his sharp knives.

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Y her makeup and even her face remind inescapably in Dexter: New Blood to the Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) from Joker (Todd Phillips, 2019), the Oscar-winning origin film about the greatest villain of the adventures starring him alter ego by Bruce Wayne, to which we can point without any fear of catching our fingers as one of the most iconic of the 21st century. Thus, despite the pleasure it produces in us for the unexpectedness of this indisputable allusion in Dexter: New Blood, it shouldn’t surprise us too much.