the DualSense controller for PS5 is cheaper than ever

the DualSense controller for PS5 is cheaper than ever

The dual sense controller It has been a real revolution in the new generation of consoles. He even took a BAFTA award for best command in history. Surprisingly, this command has a very interesting discount on Amazon and for the first time it drops below 60 euros. Specifically it costs 58.48 euros, applying 16 percent on its usual price. So, you save more than 10 euros on this purchase and you get an additional controller for multiplayer games.

It is a command that has a price of 69.99 euros and has never had such a big discount. On Amazon it has fallen up to 58.48 euros, a spectacular price for a control of its characteristics. Remember that the DualSense controller has a very unusual design, completely changing the style of the PS4 DualShock. The only thing you have to know is that the command is only compatible with PS5 consolewhere you can enjoy all its features.

The DualSense controller for PS5 costs only 58.48 euros

Side image of the DualSense, the PS5 controller

The DualSense remote has unique functions very innovative that have been highly valued. On the one hand, it has haptic technology and adaptive triggers, two features that allow feel the games in your own hands. Highlight more in depth the function of the triggers that react to the different resistance levels of objects such as a bow, a firearm or the pedals of a car.

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This means that the player can realistically feel that pressure exerted by some objects during the game. The DualSense controller has a more ergonomic design, integrated speaker and 3.5mm jack for connecting headphones. Although this peripheral is available in other colorsthe offer applies only to the white model.

The normal thing is that this command exceeds 60 euros, but on Amazon it has dropped even more: It barely costs 58.48 euros. A very economical price if we take into account all its characteristics. You can take advantage of this 16% temporary discount, since it will soon change its price again. You can also take a look at the rest of offers on video games, consoles and gaming accessories available.

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